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Celebrity and Special Guest Requests. Email info@vermontbucks.com

Special Guests Date Opponent Time Sponsored by
Patrick Pass-Coin Toss
Brandon Ray LIVE
March 17th 2017 Connecticut Chiefs 7:05 PM 989WOKO color hi res
Patrick Pass-Coin Toss March 25th 2017 Ontario Niagara Spartans 7:05 PM  
SAm Grown LIVE March 31st 2017 New Hampshire Brigade 7:05 PM  
  April 8th 2017 Glens Falls Gladiators 7:05 PM  
  April 22nd 2017 Cap City Bulls (TEXAS) 7:05 PM  
  April 29th 2017 Baltimore Vengeance 7:05 PM  
  May 6th 2017 Boston Blaze 7:05 PM  
Vermont Bucks
@VermontBucks welcome the @AtlantaHavoc to the American Arena League in 2018!!!
Vermont Bucks
Paving the way for Cabrinni Goncalves https://t.co/P5dhgz8vvt
Vermont Bucks
@IndoorFtballLge if you want an explosive team, you know where to reach us πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
Vermont Bucks
To all our friends and family, Happy Fourth of July! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ https://t.co/bv27B649JV
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